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Professional Chicago Investment Property Management Services

We 'll Take Care Of The Stress For You

How We'll Manage Your Chicago Investment Property For You

Expert Investment Management and HOA Services

Rental Advertising

To minimize vacancy and maximize profitability, it's really important that your investment gets rented out quickly. We advertise on the best channels to get maximum exposure for your property.


No one likes to deal with maintenance or repairs, but sometimes it's necessary. At ProInvest, we have an in-house service company that can deal with all of your Chicago investments needs in a timely and cost effective way.

Screening Renters

If you have ever dealt with a bad tenant before, you know how important is it to put in the time beforehand to make sure that someone who rents from you will be a great tenant. We do it all.

Unit Inspections

Keeping an eye on the condition of your rental property is critical. We can schedule inspections to check on the interior and exterior so that we know what is happening with the condition and if anything needs maintenance.

Collecting Rent

No need to worry about when your rent payments are going to come in. We enforce and collect the rent from tenants and get you paid on time, every month. You just sit back and relax while we get you paid.

Lease Enforcement

In the very rare case that a renter needs to be evicted for late payments or other issues, we have an experienced team that can move quickly and take care of the problem and guide you in the right direction.

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Why Work With ProInvest?

We are fully committed and experienced

We Know Your Name

We know what it's like to work with a big-box franchise that really only views you as a number. Our property management services are specifically tailored to you and ensuring that you have a worry-free experience. You will have the direct contact info for your property manager and you'll always be in the loop.

Experienced and Dedicated

We have been involved in property management and HOA management in the Chicago area for years. Our team is customer-oriented and instructed to always do the right thing. We are ready to show you what a professional management company can do for you and your assets.

State-of-the-art Technology

We believe technology is the key to efficiency and our decisions are helped by using data. Because of this, we invest in software and systems to maintain a pulse on every property and monitor metrics to aid in decision making to provide for clear and consistent communication.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear it straight from our Chicago area Owners and Tenants

Chicago Property Owner

About 18 months ago my business partner and I began heavily investing in South Side Chicago. We placed our buildings with several different property managers. Pro Invest and Alen were stars. The buildings that he manages are the best performing of our entire porfolio. They are efficient , reachable and best of all he makes me money!

Jeana Raymond
Chicago Area Tenant

The owners are professional, cares about the tenants and there property. I have a BEAUTIFUL apartment..

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More About Our Chicago Investment Management Services

Welcome to ProInvest Realty. We provide professional real estate, property management and investment services to clients throughout the Chicago area. Whether you are interested in buying, selling or managing property, we can help you make the most out of your real estate investment. Our agents and brokers have an intimated understanding of the local real estate market. We know the unique trends and challenges that arise in Chicago real estate. Let us help you to take advantage of these trends and to overcome these challenges. You may be buying your first home, or you may be a seasoned real estate investor. Whatever your circumstances and objectives, we can help.

Chicago-area residential property owners rely on ProInvest for professional, worry-free residential property management of multi-family, condos and townhouses. Pro Invest is dedicated to maintaining your quality of life and the value of your property investment. Our experience with owner’s representation of various size projects, construction, and property management ensures your building related issues are managed efficiently and cost effectively.

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